This is the original Little Ruthie, the 5C.  Her simple design, beautiful wood cabinet and great tone became the standard that I have been building on ever since.

The Bryan Elder signature amp BE-50.  50 watts of E34L power.  Tons of headroom and a great tone circuit.  The amp cabinet is natural oak with a birds-eye maple front.  Bryan plays his amp through a Marshall 4 x 12 speaker cabinet with older "Made In England" greenbacks.  Awesome sounding with his '59 Les Paul.  A newer style Tolex amp cabinet will be changed out for the natural wood as Bryan plans to gig with this amp.

And here she is in black Tolex:

OH OH!! The BE-50 had a baby today.  What should we name name her?  Cast your vote via email: Baby BE, Baby Bryan, BE-15, BE-Cry Baby (wait! that one's already used).


It was 1960's catalog amp week in the shop.  A Montgomery Ward model 62 GVC 9545 and a Sears Silvertone model 1481 both came in. The Wards amp needed a new speaker.  I added an external speaker jack to the Sears.  If you see an amp like this for cheap at a garage sale jump on it.  They are very fun little toys.

A customer brought her amp over for repair in this car named "Honda-ween" 🙂  Check out Sas at

What do you call a loudspeaker after a rodent ate part of the cone from it?  Cheese flavored? Cheese tone?? Rat tone??? Note the two pictures, before and after re-coning (Yup, I re-cone speakers).  These are older G12 M "Greenbacks".  You can tell because they have "MADE IN ENGLAND" molded into the green magnet cover and say "Celestion International Ltd. Ipswitch, England" on the gold sticker.  New greenbacks have a sticker that says "Made in China".  To me, these older ones sound much better.  After a few hours of breaking in this cabinet sounds awesome!

Recently reconnected with an old friend from way back (1978??).  You haven't aged a bit Tom.  Great to hear from you again.