Dan Tonjes

(Dr. Dan the Repair Man)

I have been playing guitar, repairing, modifying and building amps for over 40 years.  A customer dubbed the nickname "Dr. Dan the Repair Man" when I started working in this business and it has stuck with me every since.  I became interested in electronics after I got my first electric guitar.  I wanted to know how the tone control on my guitar worked, so I went to my high school science teachers and asked them about it.  None of them could answer my questions.  They recommended going to college and studying electronics, so that's what I did.

I landed my first job doing electronic repair work for the local music store.  I worked on all the great amps that people call "classic" amps now - Fender and Marshall were my favorites.  I noticed a few things that were common in the amps that sounded best for guitar - they used tubes and the circuit was hand wired on turret (Marshall) or eyelet (Fender) boards.  The circuit designs were all pretty simple and I studied them until I understood what every little part was for.  These same design ideas are what I incorporate into each Little Ruthie amp.

My Philosophy

All musicians agree that beautiful tone is essential to a satisfying musical performance.  The electric guitar is unique in that its tone depends not only on the guitar itself but also on the amplifier through which it is played.  The same guitar will sound very different played through a different amp.  I enjoy working with guitarists to help get the sound they hear in their head from their amp.

Little Ruthie Amps” is a small business located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We specialize in repairing, modifying, designing and building custom electric guitar amps.  If you have an idea for a guitar amp and need someone who can take your idea from concept to a finished, working amp that is a one of a kind, we are the place.


Little Ruthie

(A.K.A. Anonymous)

Here she is.  My muse.  The woman who loves me and puts up with things like all night amp tweaking sessions... She won't allow me to put her name out there, but this is the way she looked when I married her a long time ago.  She's still looks great!  And she drags me to bed when I am so tired I forget I need to sleep.  Thanks Ruthie, I love you more than words can say.